List of All 75 Ramsar sites In India 2022

What is Ramsar Treaty

Ramsar is a city in Iran where an international treaty for the protection and management of wetlands was signed on 2 February 1971, although this treaty took place in the city of Ramsar, Iran, due to which the treaty is known as the Ramsar Treaty or the Ramsar Agreement. Known as: The purpose of this treaty is to protect all important wetland sites around the world, this agreement came into effect on 21 December 1975.

what is wetland

Wetlands are seasonal or permanent ecosystems located in water, including swamps, rivers, lakes, deltas, floodplains, rice fields, marine areas, ponds and reservoirs, etc.

It is the transition zone between water and land, from the point of view of biodiversity, the motherland is a rich area whose protection is very important.

The wetland area is one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth that provides many important services to human society and plays an important role in the development of human society such as water for irrigation, fisheries, water supply and biodiversity. Along with this, this area also controls the effect of flood by absorbing water and also reduces the speed of water flow.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2 February to spread awareness about the importance of wetlands.

Classification of Wetlands in India

On the basis of topographical variation, wetlands in India are classified into 4 Major Categories –

  • Himalayan wetlands
  • Gangetic plain wetland
  • Desert wetlands
  • Coastal wetlands

For the conservation and management of wetlands, the Government of India started the National Wetland Conservation Program in the year 2012-13, under which important steps were taken for the conservation and management of wetlands in India.

21 new Ramsar sites of India added in August 2022

On 3 August 2022, 10 new Wetland Sites in India were given the status of Ramsar sites, With this, the number of Ramsar sites in India increased from 54 to 64. In these 10 Ramsar sites 6 Ramsar Sites belongs to the state of Tamil Nadu, one from the state of Orissa, one from Goa, one from Karnataka and one from the state of Madhya Pradesh, but on 13 August 2022, 11 more new wetland sites in India were given the status of Ramsar sites, taking the total number of Ramsar sites in India Increased From 64 to 75. at Present time Total 75 Ramsar Sites in India. We have Provided a Complete list of all 75 Ramsar Sites in India below in this article.

On July 2022 5 New Wetland Area in India Were declared Ramsar Sites

Under Ramsar Conservation, 5 new Wetland site of India were included in the list of Ramsar sites in July 2022, out of these 5 wetland sites, 3 wetland sites are from Tamil Nadu state and one is from Mizoram and one from Madhya Pradesh state –

  • Karikili Bird Sanctuary
  • Pallikaranai Marsh Reserve Forest
  • Pichavaram Mangroves
  • Pala Wetland
  • Sakhya Sagar

Ramsar Sites In India After the declaration of these 5 sites as wetland sites, the total number of Ramsar sites in India was increased from 49 to 54.

Complete List of All 75 Ramsar Sites in India 2022

Sl. No.Ramsar SiteState/Union Territorydeclared Year
1.Chilka LakeOdisha1981
2.Keoladeo National ParkRajasthan1981
3.Loktak LakeManipur1990
4.Wular LakeJammu & Kashmir1990
5.Harike LakePunjab1990
6.Sambhar LakeRajasthan1990
7.Kanjli LakePunjab2002
8.Ropar wetlandPunjab2002
9.Kolleru LakeAndhra Pradesh2002
10.Dipor BilAssam2002
11.Pong Dam LakeHimachal Pradesh2002
12.Tso Moriri LakeLadakh2002
13.Ashtamudi LakeKerala2002
14.Sasthamkotta LakeKerala2002
15.Vembanad-Kol wetlandKerala2002
16.Bhoj wetlandMadhya Pradesh2002
17.Bhitarkanika MangroveOdisha2002
18.Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2002
19.East Kolkata WetlandsWeast Bengal2002
20.Chandertal wetlandsHimachal Pradesh2005
21.Renuka WetlandHimachal Pradesh2005
22.Hokera WetlandJammu and Kashmir2005
23.Surinsar and Mansar LakeJammu and Kashmir2005
24.Rudrasagar LakeTripura2005
25.Upper Ganges RiverUttar Pradesh2005
26.Nalsarovar Bird SanctuaryGujarat2012
27.Sundarbans Delta RegionWest Bengal2019
28.Nandur Madhyameshwar WetlandMaharastra2019
29.Keshopur Miani Community ReservePunjab2019
30.Nangal Wildlife SanctuaryPunjab2019
31.Beas Conservation Reserve Punjab2019
32.Nawabganj Bird SanctuaryUttar Pradesh2019
33.Sandi Bird SanctuaryUttar Pradesh2019
34.Samaspur Bird SanctuaryUttar Pradesh2019
35.Saman Bird SanctuaryUttar Pradesh2019
36.Parvati Arga Bird SanctuaryUttar Pradesh2019
37.Sarsai Navar LakeUttar Pradesh2019
38.Asan Conservation ReserveUttarakhand2020
39.Kabar Tal Lake/WetlandBihar2020
40.Lonar lakeMaharashtra2020
41.Sur Sarovar LakeUttar Pradesh2020
42.Tso Kar wetland ComplexLadakh2020
43.Wadhwana wetland Gujarat2021
44.Thol Lake Wildlife SanctuaryGujarat2021
45.Sultanpur National ParkHaryana2021
46.Bhindawas Wildlife SanctuaryHaryana2021
47.Haiderpur WetlandUttar Pradesh2021
48.Bakhira Wildlife SanctuaryUttar Pradesh2022
49.Khijadia Wildlife SanctuaryGujarat2022
50.Karikili Bird SanctuaryTamilNadu2022
51.Pallikaranai Marsh Reserve ForestTamilnadu2022
52.Pichavaram MangrovesTamilnadu2022
53.Pala WetlandMizoram2022
54.Sakhya SagarMadhya Pradesh2022
55.Kunthankulam Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2022
56.Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere ReserveTamilnadu2022
57.Udaymarthapuram Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2022
58.Vedanthangal Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2022
59.Vellode Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2022
60.Vembanur Wetland ComplexTamilnadu2022
61.Satkosia GorgeOdisha2022
62.Nanda LakeGoa2022
63.Ranganatittu Bird SanctuaryKarnataka2022
64.Shirpur WetlandMadhya Pradesh2022
65.Tampara LakeOdisha2022
66.Hirakud ReservoirOdisha2022
67.Ansupa LakeOdisha2022
68.Chitrangudi Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2022
69.Vaduvur Bird SanctuaryTamilNadu2022
70.Suchindram Theroor Wetland ComplexTamilNadu2022
71.Kanjirankulam Bird SanctuaryTamilnadu2022
72.Yashwant SagarMadhya Pradesh2022
73.Thane CreekMaharashtra2022
74.Hygam Wetland Conservation ReserveJammu and Kashmir2022
75.Shallbugh Wetland Conservation ReserveJammu and Kashmir2022

FAQ Related to Ramsar Sites In India

1. The Total Number of Ramsar Sites in India at Present ?

There Are total 75 Ramsar sites In India At Present

2. Which is the 49th Ramsar site of India ?

Khijadia Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, was recently recognized as the 49th Ramsar site of India.

3. When did India sign the Ramsar Treaty ?

India signed the Ramsar Treaty in 1982.

4. Which country has the Highest Ramsar Sites in the world ?

Answer :- United Kingdom

United Kingdom has the highest number of Ramsar sites in the world, there are a total 175 Ramsar sites in United Kingdom.

5. Which Place was declared as the First Ramsar site in The World ?

The Cobor Peninsula, located in Australia, was declared the world’s first Ramsar site in 1974.

6. In which state are the maximum Number of Ramsar sites in India ?

Tamil Nadu has the highest number of Ramsar sites in India. At present, there are 14 Ramsar sites/wetland areas in Tamil Nadu.

7. Which is the first Ramsar site in India ?

Chilka Lake located in Orissa was declared as the first Ramsar site of India in October 1981.

8. Which Is The largest Ramsar Sites in India ?

The Sundarbans Delta region located in West Bengal is the largest Ramsar site in India, this wetland area is spread over an area of ​​about 4230 square kilometers and it was recognized as a Ramsar site in the year 2019.

9. Which is the smallest Ramsar Sites in India ?

The Renuka wetland area is the Smallest Ramsar Sites in India located in Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. This area is spread over an area of ​​about 0.2 square kilometer, it was declared as Ramsar site in the year 2005.

10. The Total number of Ramsar Sites in the world ?

According to the Ramsar Conservation report, there are 2453 Ramsar sites across the world as of August 2022, all these Ramsar sites covering an area of ​​about 255,792,244 hectares all over the world.

How Many Ramsar Sites in UP 2022 ?

Answer :- 10 Ramsar Sites

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